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I don't know why but I love this

I wanna bash this flash but I can't do it. I don't know if it's my extreme love for anything Watchmen or what but I think you have crafted a funny loop with the most fitting music I can think of. Haha thanks for this


I usually love everything clock crew related but this is just horrible GrapesClock. Really this is just sick.



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I wanna love this game but I can't

I really enjoy the music and the art style of the game but the game physics seem so random at times making the game difficult in a bad way. Sometimes when I use puke to propel myself up I go high up but other times when I do the same thing with the same amount of puke I go half as high up. It just makes no sense and is frustrating. And I know the game is suppose to be difficult but random physics shouldn't be why. Just make another meat boy and that'll make up for this :D

Challenging but a blast!

This is one of the best games I've ever played on Newgrounds. It is difficult but is in no way frustrating since the challenge is rewarding. The art style is fantastic as well and the game is funny too because of the ending and the secret reward for collecting all the band-aids. I would love to see a console release of a full sequel by you like on Xbox Live Arcade.

Much Better than Expected

When I first started playing this I didn't think it'd be so addictive but wow it's hard to stop playing! The only reason I didn't give this a 10 is because there is only one area in the campaign and the bosses are just too easy since many of the later waves were more difficult then the final boss.

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Blown Away

This really couldn't be better at all.
I just hope that people who hate Micheal Jackson don't rate this a 0 just based on the fact that it is a song of his. R.I.P. Micheal!

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Metaljonus responds:

Man people who are just fucking jealous will rate this shit low hell any good music that is'nt some lame ass techno piece of shit you call that fucking music beat. Pffh fags. Thanks for listening!


And I thought I could do some good voices but wow you showed me up. I especially loved the Metalocalypse ones.

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Great if not familar

I really like the exaggerated mouth but it's be nice if the rest of his body was there. Also he resembles a character from guitar hero alot, especially with the green mohawk.


Really nice job on this one. It's one of the better depictions of mario in real life i've seen. Be awesome if you had a drawing of his body with some realistic looking goombas or something.

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Orangerad2 responds:

Ya Ive been thinking of doing a similar one kinda like how you described it

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